Will putting Twix seasoning on chicken wings be the next big food hack?

In early September, Twix launched a chocolate seasoning powder so that you could literally make anything and everything you eat taste like, well, Twix. 

The container says that it’s “great for ice cream, cookies, milkshakes and more” — and it’s the “and more” that intrigued me the most. What would buyers possibly put Twix seasoning on that isn’t a dessert?

Twix already had an answer ready: chicken wings

So for this episode of Tried It!, I investigated whether Twix seasoning mixes well with three different types of chicken wings — buffalo, barbecue and spicy. But why stop there? I also tested the seasoning out on some fries and a dollar slice of pizza — two other junk foods that I love to season.

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Ultimately, what we want to answer here is whether the Twix seasoning — made with chocolate — can actually improve these already delicious junk food items. Could the Twix seasoning overthrow Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel seasoning as a crowd favorite?

What does the seasoning taste like?

Twix describes the seasoning as a combination of “the iconic chocolate bar’s crunchy cookie, soft caramel and milk chocolate flavors.” I tried a spoonful of the seasoning alone to see what exactly that meant and almost spat it out because it was like eating a spoonful of weird hot chocolate powder.

How did Twix seasoning taste on chicken wings?

Let me be the first to break it to you – chocolate and chicken wings should not coexist. Maybe the barbecue wings can pass, but I was very confused when it came time to try the flavor combination of buffalo and spicy chicken wings.

I think part of the joy of eating chicken wings is knowing you’re about to have a pretty savory, salty, spicy meal. The Twix seasoning threw it all off and left me feeling unsatisfied and relieved that I didn’t season all of the wings.

Can you use Twix seasoning on fries and pizza?

Technically you can, but in my opinion, you absolutely should not.

Like my problem with the chicken wings, fries and pizza are just a totally separate experience to eating a piece of chocolate, so the combination was just bizarre. Pizza with Twix seasoning was simply the worst combination, and I was bummed I couldn’t save anything but the crust from Twix’s chocolate wrath.

Ultimately, I’m sure Twix seasoning is great on desserts. It’s the “and more” part of the package’s advertisement and Twix’s encouragement to season chicken wings with chocolate that leaves me baffled.

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