TikTok trend inspires romantic connections between best friends

A new audio soundbite has best friends on TikTok possibly sharing a kiss. 

The new trend features some spicy dialogue that has people at least simulating the act of kissing their bestie. Here’s what you need to know. 

Where did the “two best friends in a room” audio come from?

The origins of the sound were obscured for a while. It turns out it’s because the account that posted it, @justinjustin, was deleted. However, @whattheaudio unearthed the original that was archived on Instagram and shared it with the masses.

The video features an exchange between two male friends. 

First friend: Two best friends in a room they might kiss.

Second friend: Yes, we will.

Then they both lean in for a kiss before the camera cuts off. The TikTok also features music from Nelly Furtado’s song “Promiscuous.” 

Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King might kiss

The Girl Meets World and the Kissing Booth starlets earned over 13.4 million likes when they lip-synced to the dialogue, leaned in for a kiss, then pulled away. 

Nai and Larray might kiss


starting to get kinda serious with bae❤️😍☺️

♬ they might kiss x promiscuous – annette

Influencers Nai and Larray did the trend and gave each other a peck on the lips before sheepishly running away. 

Other people are trying to seduce their fave celebrities

The user @dayker6 lip-synced the audio. But he used footage of Harry Styles’ Saturday Night Live monologue so it appeared Styles said, “Yes we will.” The TikTok earned over 8.6 million likes. 

“This is literally perfect,” one person said

“OMG so good,” another wrote

Some even tried to steal a kiss from their cats

When @christinatokking enlisted her cat for the skit, she didn’t expect that it could lip-sync like that. 

“What can’t my cats be talented?” someone commented.

“Your cat is magnificent,” a user said

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