This edible play-dough only requires 2 easy ingredients

This TikTok parent shared a genius hack for making edible play-dough using a surprising ingredient: frosting!

Myriam (@mothercould) is a TikToker and parent who shares fun parenting hacks and activities along with videos of her adorable kids. Myriam loves making homemade versions of popular toys and recently shared a brilliantly simple hack for making play-dough that is fun to play with and even smells great! The hack? Use frosting as your secret ingredient!

The video begins with a shot of Myriam sitting at a table, an empty glass bowl in front of her. The TikToker wears a light blue tank top and sparkly earrings as she holds a container of bright pink Funfetti frosting up to the camera.

Myriam places a spoon in the container and scoops out a generous helping of frosting, dumping it into the bowl. Then, she pours three quarters of a cup of cornstarch into the bowl with the frosting. Using the spoon, she mixes the cornstarch and frosting together. Then, using her hands, she begins to knead the play-dough.

Myriam rolls the play-dough into a ball, then kneads it repeatedly to help it gain a more solid consistency. Once the play-dough begins to stick together without crumbling, it’s done!

Myriam holds the play-dough up to the camera, showing how she can use her hands to make different shapes. “Feels like play-dough,” she writes in a caption. “Smells like ice cream.”

The video ends as Myriam displays a bowl of multi-colored frosting-based play-doughs. She uses an ice cream scooper to scoop a dollop of play-dough out of the bowl and places it on a fake ice cream cone. 

Viewers applauded Myriam’s deliciously creative play-dough hack!

“Love it!” one viewer wrote. 

“My mom used to do this with peanut butter and then we’d eat it when we were done playing,” another TikToker recalled. 

“So cool… and you can eat it!” another viewer wrote.

Myriam certainly makes play-dough look delicious! 

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