Woman investigates after noticing strangely placed mirror in restaurant bathroom

A TikToker was going to the bathroom at her local açaí bowl spot when she noticed something unusual about the mirror on the wall.

On Nov. 4, the user, Stacy Ceja, uploaded a video inside the bathroom.

Ceja was using the restaurant’s facilities when she spotted a mirror on the wall right across from the toilet. It’s a strange place for a mirror, especially seeing as there is another mirror on top of the sink just a few feet away.

“What the f*** is this?” Ceja says as she walks over to investigate. She then taps on the mirror and holds a figure up to its surface, only to realize that it might be a two-way mirror.


Pretty sure my local acai bowl spot is spying on people in the bathroom #fyp #xyzbca #foryou

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According to wikiHow, one way to tell whether or not a mirror is two-way is with the fingernail test (which Ceja used). To perform this test, all you have to do is touch your fingernail to the mirror’s surface; if the mirror is two-way, you won’t be able to see the reflection of the tip of your finger.

Since Ceja performed this test and could not see the tip of her finger, both she and many TikTok users came to the conclusion that the mirror was being used to spy on customers.

“The placement is just sus in general,” one person said.

“People are sick,” another added.

“Sue them and get that bread,” a third commented.


#duet with @stacyceja well now I need to pay attention to mirrors in bathroom! #fyp #foruyoupage #mirrors #becareful #someoneiswatching @stacyceja

♬ Capone – Oh No – 由user043998上传

Another user named Deena Anthony duetted Ceja’s video and explained the difference between a real mirror and a two-way one using her own mirrors.

“This is my two-way mirror. You can’t see the tip of my finger in the reflection,” Anthony explains.

She then walks over to a “real mirror,” where you can easily see the tip of her finger in the reflection. “This is gross,” she says, referring to Ceja’s video and the restaurant she’s at.

TikTok user Samantha Trottier was so concerned about the potential breach of privacy captured by Ceja that she decided to investigate for herself.

With a screwdriver in hand, she made her way to the restaurant and removed the unusual mirror from the wall. What she discovered was that it was, in fact, just a regular mirror in an odd place.

Ceja’s video is still a good PSA about always being cautious when something looks suspicious. With mirrors in particular, the fingernail test doesn’t always work, but wikiHow also noted that you should be able to shine a light at the two-way mirror and see through it (so long as the room is dark).

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