Man provides brutal feedback for TikTok’s viral drink recipes

A TikToker is roasting beverage tutorials for fun and building a rabid following in the process. 

Ty Bridgwater has 764,000 followers. Bridgewater duets other users preparing drink recipes like coffee, cocktails and bubble tea to poke fun at them. Armed with a prominent Canadian accent, he is quick to point out the ridiculous nature of some of TikTok’s most viral beverages. 

Iced Coffee

Bridgwater provided commentary as @cassiepaige22 made herself an iced coffee

“That coffee looks strong, supportive … give you the advice you need,” he says. “Sweater looks good for activities.” 

The simple recipe received a five out of 10 from Bridgwater. 

Devil’s Kiss Punch

“Did you just get back from the gym, that’s a lot of electrolytes?” Bridgwater asked as he watched @andyslife247 mix sodas, energy drinks, Kool-Aid, candy and alcohol together. 

“That looks good for your teeth. Hope you floss,” he joked. “Plastic straw, kill some turtles.” 

Bridgwater gave the tutorial a five out of 10. 

Strawberry Boba

Bridgwater dueted @emilylfigueroa’s strawberry boba tutorial.  

“How do you know how to do that, are you a chemi-cist?” Bridgwater joked, mispronouncing chemist. “Probably, a lot of schooling, eh?”

“You can just make those tapioca balls yourself, I thought it was a trade secret,” he said. “Eight out of 10.” 

The video racked up 3 million views. People found it hilarious. 

“Easily the best content on TikTok,” one person said.

“Narrate, my life, please,” another wrote


“That wouldn’t fly at a college bar,” Bridgwater said as @tiktokbartender mixed a drink.

“Fancy juice. Just a splash. You don’t want to dilute it too bad,” he narrated without knowing what was going on. 

He gave the cocktail a nine out of 10. The review received over 4 million views.

“How you talk is how the voice in my head sounds,” someone said

“This man makes my day,” a user commented

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