Tyler1 tries Vegemite and turns into a human thumb

A popular Twitch streamer recoiled in horror when he tried Vegemite for the first time.

Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp was casually sampling foods sent to him by a fan in Australia when he found a tube of Vegemite within the gift package. He squirted some onto a plate and, against his own chat’s warning, took a big lick.

It didn’t go well.

“What the f***?” Tyler said while squinting and waving his hand frantically. “It’s salty!”

His chat exploded in trolling and laughter as he curled his head back and his neck bulged, resembling a giant thumb.

“Help! My face is stuck like this!” He continued. “What the f***!”

Tyler is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, a platform he’s built up because of his over-the-top reactions and his skill in League of Legends (particularly with his trademark character, Draven, ). The streamer always seems to be hyped up about anything he does, even when baking a cake.

Vegemite is one of the most beloved food items in Australia, but outside of its home, it’s best known as a polarizing delicacy. Its English predecessor, Marmite, is so divisive that Unilever advertised it with the slogan “You Either Love It Or Hate It”.

But perhaps the revulsion to Vegemite outside of Australia is partly due to people eating it incorrectly, as Tyler’s viewers pointed out. Hugh Jackman demonstrated the proper way when he appeared on “The Tonight Show” to proudly defend the condiment.

Tyler ate a mouthful of Vegemite when it’s supposed to be used conservatively on toast with a smear of butter. Most people would probably have a low opinion of chili oil too if their first exposure to it was licking it off a plate.

Remember to eat your Vegemite with bread.

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