‘Type-A’ bride sees reception venue for the first time, immediately spots issues: ‘Don’t tell me I’m a Bridezilla’

There’s one thing about a “type-A” bride — she’s determined to get the wedding she wants. 

TikToker and recent bride Mel Michels proudly embraced the label in a hilarious clip. She and her now-husband went to see the reception space setup on the big day. They were taken aback by how remarkable everything looked. Well, not everything. 

Michels scanned the event hall decked out in decorated dining tables. She looked sincerely moved with happiness. Then her type-A brain kicked, and she couldn’t help but notice something was off. 

“That’s supposed to be an acrylic table. I don’t like the barrels up here,” she said in the video. 

However, she did defend herself against the “bridezilla” label in the caption. Michels explained that she paid the venue coordinator to arrange the tables as directed and that they had gone over the details during multiple conversations.

“As a wedding planner, you 100% should get what you’ve PAID for. You are not a bridezilla at all,” a TikToker said

“Not a bridezilla! My husband had to literally hold me back when the DJ played songs we told him not to,” a user wrote

“I never thought I was type A until this video resonated with me haha,” someone commented

“Omg I did the same thing and literally started moving stuff around,” another added

“Hahah I love this. Soaking up the moment and then straight to business,” a person replied

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