These innovative shoelaces were created for style — but also help people with disabilities

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You probably never thought shoelaces could make an impact, but these stylish laces are actually doing some good. U-Lace shoelaces were created with the intent to be a mere fashion statement, but the innovative elastic laces are also helping people with disabilities gain more independence, one shoe at a time.

U-Laces are short elastic shoelaces that effectively turn any lace-up shoe into a slip-on shoe. The colorful laces, which were featured on “Shark Tank” and invested in by billionaire investor Mark Cuban, can be threaded through sneakers in several different patterns. Each pack comes with five elastic laces, which is enough to lace one standard shoe.

The website reads: “U-Lace was created to make lacing sneakers in multiple colors and patterns a quick and easy process; not to mention that when laced with U-Lace, sneakers instantly become easy-on/easy-off slip-ons.”

But the laces have become more than just a fashion statement. The brand says the product is used at mental health facilities, where standard shoelaces are banned as a safety hazard. They are also used by people with disabilities, including autistic people and those who have dexterity and mobility limitations.

For some people with disabilities, standard shoelaces require additional help from a caretaker to properly lace. U-Lace, however, curbs the need to lace and re-lace shoes, allowing those who previously struggled with laced shoes to put them independently and securely.

One buyer writes, “These help my autistic son to wear shoes like everyone else. He loves them.”

Another buyer adds, “These laces give you the choice of lace-up shoes even if you have a dexterity or mobility issue. It’s easy to put your shoes on, and assures they won’t be a tripping hazard.”

If you could benefit from U-Lace — or just think they’re darn cool — check out these options available on Amazon.

Shop: U-Lace in Black, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: U-Lace in White, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: U-Lace in Canvas, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: U-Lace in Fire, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Ice, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Light Gray, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Medium Gray, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Dark Gray, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Pretty in Pink, $12.95

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Shop: U-Lace in Rainbow, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: U-Lace in Spring Time, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: U-Lace in Sunshine and Blue Skies, $12.95

Credit: Amazon

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