Uber driver allegedly harassed customer for weeks: ‘The concierge has to call the cops’

A woman claimed that her Uber driver became her stalker after giving her a ride. 

TikToker @cvillainnn shared the horror story after another woman on social media claimed an Uber driver used her information to find out where she worked. The ordeal is nothing short of a PSA for anyone using the ride-sharing app. 

You can watch @cvilliann’s video about the ordeal here.

She claimed her Uber driver picked her up to get a vaccine at a Safeway that was a pretty far trip from her house. When she arrived at the Safeway, the driver told her he would wait to transport her home because there weren’t a lot of Ubers in that part of town. 

She believed him because the driver had “grandpa” vibes. Then, things took a turn. She alleged that while she was getting her vaccine, the driver went into the Safeway to look for her. Then, things got weirder on the way home. 

“It wasn’t until I got this chill down my back on the way back to my house because my eyes started to get really heavy, and I started to get really sleepy, which I assumed was a symptom from the vaccine,” she said

She alleged that when the driver told her she could go to sleep in the car, she started to feel weird and made a point to stay awake. After she got home, it was all downhill from there. 

The driver repeatedly texted her for two weeks, despite her not responding. She alleged that the driver showed up at her building looking for her while she was away from home.

“The concierge has to call the cops on this f****** Uber driver,” she said. “He wouldn’t stop insisting at the concierge because he wanted to see me.” 

People on TikTok shared how they navigate the sticky situation of getting into a car with a complete stranger. 

“This is why when I have customers asking when my coworker is in, I will always say I can’t disclose that information. Protect your coworkers,” a user commented

“That’s why I use a different name on my Uber profile and have them drop me off a few apartment buildings down,” another said

“I pretend I’m married or meeting my husband somewhere,” a TikToker replied

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