Ubisoft announces a new open-world Star Wars game

Ubisoft announced that it’s working on an upcoming Star Wars game, signaling the end to a long-standing exclusivity agreement.

The news also comes at the heels of another big announcement — the return of Lucasfilm Games as a rebrand of all Star Wars games and a licensor for future titles.

Information about Ubisoft’s Star Wars game is sparse. The publisher hasn’t released any art, details or even a working title yet. However, Ubisoft described the game as a “brand-new, story-driven, open world Star Wars adventure” in a tweet revealing the game.

Massive Entertainment, the studio helming the Star Wars game, is best known for developing the Tom Clancy’s The Division series. The Division puts players in the shoes of civilian-embedded special forces agents tasked with protecting and rebuilding the United States after a massive viral outbreak decimates the country.

This announcement also signaled a major change for the Star Wars franchise. In 2013, Electronic Arts signed a deal with Lucasfilm for exclusive production of Star Wars games.

Ubisoft’s Star Wars game marks the end of the exclusivity deal, which Lucasfilm Games VP Douglas Reilly softly confirmed in an interview with StarWars.com. We can expect to see a lot more Star Wars games coming out from various developers in the future.

“This is just the beginning of what I think is going to be a very exciting year for Lucasfilm Games,” Reilly told StarWars.com.

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