UGG boot ‘guards’ divide TikTok: ‘I don’t know how I feel about this’

Put the pumpkin spice latte down. This is not a drill, Autumn Girl — UGG boots have UGGguards now. 

Fall is here, winter is approaching, and that means it’s UGG season. But the fashionably ugly boot brand’s latest viral product isn’t a shoe this time around — it’s an accessory. 

TikTokers have gone mad for UGGguards, a silicone rubber waterproof outsole (sold in a range of colors) that protects from heavy weather conditions like water, rain and snow. However, the $50 UGGguards are only compatible with shoes that have “a flat outsole and rounded, closed toe,” according to UGG

The UGGguard hashtag has over 257,000 views on TikTok, while #UGGseason has 127.2 million. 

As seen in @uscfashion’s demo video, the UGGguards attach to the bottom of most UGG styles to add a layer of protection. 

But not everyone is using them on UGGs. Some sneakerheads, like @eyzkicks, are wearing UGGguards on their kicks

TikToker @ssscriva tried the UGGguards on a slew of sneakers — from New Balance and adidas to Converse and Karhu. 

Not all UGG lovers were sold on the idea of the guards, however.

“I don’t know how I feel about this,” @obi1nna said during an unboxing video

He preferred how the UGGs looked without the guard on but was still on the fence. 

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