Woman’s $300 ‘ugly bathroom makeover’ is a hit: ‘That bathroom was a nightmare’

A TikToker’s $300 bathroom makeover has got people inspired.

Lynné Rivers was never in love with her original bathroom. It was very brown and beige with patterned wallpaper and tiles that clashed. The more she tried to work with it, the more things clashed, and the less she loved it. She decided to upgrade the space with only a few hundred dollars and quite a bit of determination. 

“I tried to spruce it up, but adding to it just made the mitch-matchery worse!” she wrote in the video caption. “Couldn’t stand looking at it another minute!” 

Rivers was able to completely redo her bathroom on a strict budget by putting in the labor herself, buying inexpensive items and repurposing things she already owned. She switched up the bathroom’s color scheme to cobalt blue, gray and black with touches of crystal. 

“Did the work all by myself!” she said

She even provided an itemized list of everything she bought. The priciest purchase was a mirror that cost $39. Most things were between $5 and $20, like $8 silver tassels, $11 drywall and $10 crystal vanity knobs. 

The crafter definitely knew how to get resourceful. Rivers made faceless wall art on Canva, printed it out herself and used frames she already had. Her new towels were also free. Thanks to some Kohl’s cash and coupons, she got what would have been $40 comped. The process wasn’t entirely easy, however.

“I really struggled taking off the wallpaper and chipping the paint off. After two weeks, I wanted to quit but pushed on,” Rivers admitted in the comment section. 

TikTokers found the transformation to be night and day.

“Can’t wait to makeover my bathroom, doing it on a budget and you inspired me,” someone wrote

“That bathroom was a nightmare. It was like on-a-budget-in-the-’80s ugly. Now it’s nice, you did great,” another said

“Super classy transformation deserves a page in Good Housekeeping magazine,” a person commented

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