This is the ultimate guide to closet organization

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On this episode of Uncluttered, professional home organizers Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly) break down the best and most efficient ways to keep your closet nice and organized. From how to use storage bins to how to optimize your hanging space, these helpful closet hacks will let you slam the door on any closet space mess for good!

Step 1: Pull Everything Out and Sort

The first step in organizing your closet is to take everything out and sort your clothes into groups. Then you can decide what you want to keep, what you want to toss and what you want to donate. “Then you can start placing things back and tweaking things to be as organized as you can be,” says Fillip.

Step 2: Sort Items by Type and then by Color

Start by sorting your clothing by type, and then within each category, sort again by color. This will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and maintain order in your closet. 

Step 3: Use Rod Dividers to Organize Hanging Rod

Rod dividers are a great way to separate the clothes that are hanging in your closet. Fillip and Jamie suggest labeling your rod dividers, so you “always know where all of your clothing is, and where to put it back.” 

Step 4: Stack Open Bins to Store Folded Clothes

Use bins to keep folded items like sweaters organized and easily accessible. 

Step 5: Use Clutch Dividers and Purse Stuffers

Keep your smaller bags and clutches organized and in-reach by using clutch dividers. For larger bags and purses, use purse stuffers to maintain the shape and structure of the bags. 

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