‘Exhausted’ ultrasound tech shocks patient when she accidentally uses baby talk during exam

A woman’s encounter with an ultrasound technician tells you everything you need to know about motherhood. 

Writer Heather Hogan shared an interaction she had when she went in for a breast ultrasound. The technician’s approach to bedside manner was certainly … interesting.

Hogan tweeted: “The tech who did my breast ultrasound put gel on the wand and said, ‘Here comes some warm jelly!’ and started whoosh-whooshing it toward my boobs like an airplane. Then she stopped dead, mid-whoosh, blinked and said, ‘I’m sorry, I have twin toddlers, I am … f****** exhausted.'”

The reality of parenting was just too relatable to resist, and the tweet received 357,000 likes. People shared their own stories about the “effects” of parenting. 

“This reminds me of the time I was on a plane, and a toddler seated next to me dropped a puzzle piece down my tank top. Her mom reached down my shirt and only then realized what she had done,” a person replied.

“Mine are almost 10 now, but I still remember the twin baby and twin toddler years as ‘the dark days.’ I don’t know how we survive that exhaustion,” another said

“I spent so much time narrating to my baby that one day I took a ride with a friend and her dog. It took five minutes before I realized I was telling THE DOG everything we saw. ‘Look at the green car! That man is on a bike! The light is red!’ Five full enunciated minutes,” a user responded

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