Uncle tries to trick his niece and hilariously fails

self-professed “emotionally unavailable but good uncle” from Chesterfield, Va. has got some hilariously questionable child-rearing advice. 

Chris, who goes by the handle bradpittzcousin on Instagram, posts adventures with his 1-year-old niece Marleigh. Like the time he teased the infant for not being able to drink orange juice out of a wine glass or the time she photobombed him. But the dynamic duo went viral in September with Chris’ baby bow tutorial. 

“I am going to show you how to put a bow on a baby in two simple steps,” Chris says in the video, wearing a white headband with a bow himself. 

Marleigh is sitting on Chris’ lap and she looks quite unamused. The uncle says the first step is to create a distraction. 

“Mar, look a duck,” he says, pointing toward the distance.

The little girl then sneezes. Chris quickly shuffles to secure the headband on her head — step two — but Marleigh is no fool. She swats his hands away, grabs the bow from his hand and slams it on the table. Marleigh cannot be tricked! 

The adorable video racked up 2.5 million views when Barstool shared it on Instagram

“Lol, she distracted him from his own distraction,” one user wrote

“This literally made me laugh out loud,” someone said

“Why is this so funny to me?!” another added

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