TikTok explores what it truly means to ‘understand the assignment’

You’ve probably seen the phrase “understood the assignment” used to death on social media. Here’s why everyone is saying it. 

The slang term is a popular way to praise someone who is going above and beyond to do a good job. When Rihanna slays her outfit at the Met Gala every year, you might say she understood the assignment. It’s pretty much like giving someone an “A+” or stamping something with your seal of approval. 

What does “understood the assignment” mean? 

According to Urban Dictionary, “understood the assignment” means, “a phrase used when someone is giving it 110% Whether it’s what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, someone who is really on top of their s***.” 

However, on Twitter, the phrase might sometimes refer to a specific meme. 

What is the Twitter “understood the assignment” meme? 

In the Twitter trend, users pay tribute to their favorite actors and actresses who’ve been able to pull off a slew of eclectic roles. 

The account @blkgirlculture celebrated Queen Latifah for being everything from an action hero to a musical star. 

Another account gave big props to Daniel Kaluuya who has been known to swap his British accent for an American one to appear in horror films, sci-fi movies and biopics. 

But of course, E! News knows no one quite understands the assignment like Oscar winner Meryl Streep who has pretty much played everyone and everything. 

What is the “understood the assignment” meme on TikTok

TikTok tends to go along with Urban Dictionary’s definition, rather than focusing on celebrities. Most of the videos in the trend use the song “The Assignment” by Tay Money. 

The lyrics are

Damn Tay, you killed this

I understood the assignment (Duh)

Uh-huh, uh-huh (Rich)

I understood the assignment

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh (Duh)

I understood the assignment (B**** I’m d-)

B****, I understood the assignment (Duh)


Ready for round 3? @ashtonpaz4 @taylorchapman__ 😉😂 #babysquad #iunderstoodtheassignment #2under2

♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

TikToker @fluellenfam understood the assignment when she and two friends managed to time their pregnancies together twice

“Oh you’re going to wear white to my best friend’s wedding?” the user @yourfriendlizzie said, showing off the color toss packets she planned to use on the dress code breaker.  As maid of honor, she understood the assignment.


@Chick-fil-A out here doing the Lord’s work #praisethelord

♬ The Assignment – Tay Money

But @anokmathteacher felt Chick-fil-A understood the assignment when they fulfilled her request for extra cherries by giving her an entire cup full. 

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