Scuba-diving couple have surreal underwater wedding

A bride and groom took an unconventional route and held their wedding ceremony underwater. 

V. Chinnadurai and S. Swetha are from Chennai, India. When Chinnadurai was envisioning his wedding he wanted to incorporate his scuba experience.

“I’m a licensed scuba diver with over 12 years of experience,” Chinnadurai told Times of India. “So, when I was discussing ideas for my wedding with my cousin, Aravind, who runs a scuba diving center.” 

But Swetha wasn’t as experienced as a diver as her husband-to-be and required three days of training to prepare.

“I had no idea about scuba diving until this happened. But I was ready for this because I wanted to do something unique for our wedding. Chinnadurai had shown me some videos of him scuba diving and I trusted him completely,” Swetha told Times of India. 

The couple couldn’t set an exact date because weather conditions had to be ideal. Their invitations simply said February with the date blank. The ceremony was eventually held on Feb. 1. 

Video footage showed Chinnadurai and Swetha in formal attire on a small boat decorated with flowers. The couple suited up in scuba gear and dove into the blue water. 

But Chinnadurai and Swetha weren’t just going for a swim, they also completed their vows underwater. They finished up the ceremony by exchanging their floral garland necklaces. Then the groom tied the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, a Hindu tradition of tying a sacred thread in honor of their nuptials. 

“We also got the underwater venue decorated with natural flowers and non-plastic items, which were removed as soon as the ceremony was over,” Chinnadurai told Times of India. “In the last few years, oceans have become extremely polluted. Now, used masks are adding to the problem. We’ve been creating awareness about this. I thought when we do something unique like this, it would grab people’s attention and we could use that opportunity to talk about marine pollution and the need to do something about it.” 

The couple’s ceremonies were far from over after the big dive. Other traditions were held in the presence of a priest and they had a wedding reception with family and friends. 

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