Unexpected animal guest spices up an ordinary workday

Remember going to the office?

We barely do, but we seem to recall that the daily grind could get a bit monotonous.

Australian TikTok user Cameron Mackie shared footage from a surprisingly exciting day at the office, in which she and her coworkers encountered an unexpected guest — a possum poking out from a ceiling tile.


WAIT UNTIL THE END HE TRIES TO ESCAPE ROOF PRISON #ratethings #australia #possum

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Over the course of the day, the possum bit one of Mackie’s coworkers, nibbled on some treats, posed for a photo, tried to escape, peed on the roof and disappeared without saying goodbye.

Source: TikTok/cameronmackie7

Mackie shared additional footage of the critter after the original video went viral.

Commenters were moved by the adorable creature — and the cinematic nature of the short video.

“What a journey” one user said.

“And that’s on possum magic 🥰🧚🏽‍♀️💫,” another wrote.

Some realized the difference between possums (an Australian species) and opossums (an American species) for the first time.


“Wait wait wait… you’re telling me that Australia has CUTE possums but we have the beings from literal HELL,” another said.

We do not recommend trying to make contact with any wild animals, no matter how adorable the content may be.

If you spot one where it does not belong, notify your local animal control office — they’ll take care of it.

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