TikTokers are revealing their most ‘unhinged’ quarantine behavior

TikTokers are revealing the most “benign and mundane, yet unhingedquarantine behavior they started exhibiting during the pandemic, and the answers are surprisingly delightful.

TikTok user @moneyintheblank started the trend on March 4, sharing her own “unhinged” quarantine behavior, which is eating her ritual “sunset pickle” every single night at sunset…which, honestly, sounds kind of nice.

Other users quickly piled on to the trend, with @variableminerva taking the trend as an opportunity to show off her new-found stick collection (yes, sticks — of all sizes), which she presumably began piling up during the pandemic.

“What are they for?” she says in her TikTok, which has since been viewed over 1.7 million times. “Why am I collecting them?”

Objectively speaking….they are some pretty beautiful sticks.

“I’ve seen several of these and this is the most deeply unhinged and yet completely harmless one I’ve seen,” one user noted.

But the trend doesn’t stop there.

TikToker @insulint shared in a stitch that whenever she finds a seed in a piece of fruit she is eating, she plants it. The result is a full-on nursery of fruit trees, like white and pink guava, mandarin oranges, lemons and more.


#stitch with @moneyintheblank 🍊🍋🌳🙃

♬ original sound – Morgan 💉💙🎨

TikToker @failing_full_circle shared that her “unhinged” pandemic hobby actually involves her whole family, “like a communal descent into madness.”

“We have a plastic duck, her name is Martha,” she explained. “We move her around the house and act like she got there on her own.”

TikToker @astoldbyadri shared that she began feeding her neighborhood crows so that they would bring her gifts in return (which sounds wild but is actually grounded in proof!)

So, what has your benign, unhinged pandemic pastime been?

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