Fancify your life with these 13 completely unnecessary necessities under $15 from Amazon

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Spending your money on life’s necessities is, honestly, a buzzkill. As much as we’d like to tell ourselves otherwise, a $600 hair styler and a pink foldable treadmill aren’t necessarily living essentials. Right now, though, we’re here to talk about unnecessary necessities because we all deserve little treats!

Basically, unnecessary necessities are those little treats that are not essential to daily life like a vacuum, nor are they useful purchases like a good travel-ready backpack. Unnecessary necessities are those random gadgets and gizmos that you see on TikTok — like these sandwich cutters that make DIY Uncrustables — that seem ridiculous but actually make your life so much easier.

When it comes to unnecessary necessities, Amazon is the Beyoncé of the group. There are millions upon zillions of little unnecessary necessities for under $15. I mean, where else could you find these little gadgets and then go on a long gadget-shopping adventure?

To get you started on your gadget-shopping adventure, we rounded up the best unnecessary necessities on Amazon to make your life easier. Little treats for all!

1. Method Gel Hand Soap, Vetiver + Amber, $6.99

Credit: Amazon

TikTok says that this Method hand wash smells just like the bougie, luxe and expensive Le Labo Hand Soap. You can snag a 3-pack for just $20.97. Look, you don’t need to spend a ton of money for your life to smell glorious. You just need a vision and an Amazon account.

2. CONNOISSEURS Diamond Dazzle Stik, $7.99

Credit: Amazon

If you’re lazy about cleaning an engagement ring — and any piece of fine jewelry — the Diamond Dazzle Stik is super easy to use. Just wet the brush and twist the end until the blue gel appears on the tip. Then, all you need to do is brush your jewelry thoroughly.

3. b.tan Back Self Tan Applicator, $5.97 (Orig. $8.99)

Credit: Amazon

OK, so it’s essentially a long piece of velvety soft fabric (like a hand towel) with handles on either side that make it easy to apply self-tanner to your back. No need to become an amateur contortionist.

4. NuLink 8″ Disco Light Mirror Ball with Hanging Ring, $14.88 (Orig. $29.99)

Credit: Amazon

For $15 you can have an instant hit of serotonin thanks to this little disco ball. Think of all the solo ABBA dance parties you can have. Also, it’s super fun and pretty.

5. World’s Tiniest Vacuum, $12.59

Credit: Amazon

Think of all the little crumbs you can clean up in your car and on your keyboard! Plus, it’s so tiny and cute I want to cry.

6. Nooni Facial Cleansing Tool Marshmallow Whip Maker, $8

Credit: Amazon

This skin care whip maker transforms any cleanser into a rich and dense marshmallow-like foam. While the brand questionably claims that the unique foam texture helps to reduce oiliness, dullness, and dryness, the fluffy texture is a sensory dream.

7. HiYZ Sandwich Cutter and Sealer, $6.99

Credit: Amazon

Um, why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to DIY Uncrustables whenever you want?

8. 4 Pairs Wrist Spa Washband Microfiber Wrist Wash Towel, $12.99

Credit: Amazon

Avoid the bone-chilling feeling of water and product soaking your arms and clothing by pulling on these terrycloth wristbands.

9. Soap Dish Holder, $9.88

Credit: Amazon

You don’t need a drill or toolbox to mount this soap dish. The unique design keeps your bar of soap clean from any dust and debris while also draining the excess water properly, preventing any gross gunk from accumulating.

10. UODBUYO Mini Humidifier, $13.99

Credit: Amazon

If you didn’t know, a mini humidifier will save your skin and sinuses this winter — and this itty bitty cactus one is just too cute to pass up on.

11. Jean Buttons Pins, $4.99

Credit: Amazon

The denim back gap is maybe one of the worst parts of wearing jeans. These guys allow you to adjust the waistband of your jeans by adding a new button — no tailoring required!

12. Mini Makeup Brush Cleaner, $13.99

Credit: Amazon

The manual labor involved in cleaning makeup brushes and sponges is, ugh, less than ideal. But did you know that this makeup brush cleaner washing machine exists?!

13. LATME Ice Roller for Face, $9.34 (Orig. $16.97)

Credit: Amazon

Allergies and post-night-out puffiness won’t know what hit ’em. Just pop this in the freezer and then roll it all over your face. Use it during your skin care routine or just for funsies.

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