TikTokers are sharing the most ‘unprofessional’ things doctors allegedly said to them

One of the latest TikTok trends has users revealing some of the most “unprofessional” things doctors have said to them.

User @kristamackenziee started this trend by asking her followers, “What is the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to you?” She then went on to share her own story about how a “creepy af” doctor allegedly made a sexual comment toward her when she had to take her shirt off for an exam.

“I had to start seeing a brand new doctor because I was having a bunch of issues with my skin,” she claimed. “He was an older man and I was a little bit intimidated by him at first.”

“One of the issues I was having was in my armpit so I was trying to show him, like, through my shirt and it was kind of hard to show the whole thing so I was like, ‘Oh, should I just take off my shirt?'” she continued. “And this man sits back in his chair and says, ‘Yes. Excite me.’ WHAT?! […] I felt extremely uncomfortable.”

Many were extremely disturbed by @kristamackenziee’s allegations.

“I would have [gotten] up and walked out,” one person said.

“I would have sued him until he could no longer practice,” another added. (The user didn’t sue, but her mom did “report him.”)

Other users used the prompt to share their own alleged horror stories from the doctor’s office.

TikToker @thatgirl.oonamay claimed that when she was trying for her third kid, her gynecologist allegedly sterilized her because he didn’t think she should have any more kids.

“I was 29 and I wanted my third kid. So I went to my gyno and … he straight up told me, ‘No. You have no right having a third child. You’re 29, you’re diabetic. You’ve had a stillbirth. I am not gonna take that risk on my medical license,'” she alleged.

Eventually, with the help of her endocrinologist, @thatgirl.oonamay was able to get her gynecologist to remove her birth control device and get pregnant. However, there were complications with the pregnancy that resulted in an emergency C-section. During that C-section, instead of tying @thatgirl.oonamay’s tubes, he allegedly permanently removed them and “didn’t report it.”

People were furious on behalf of @thatgirl.oonamay.

“OMG I’m a doctor and I’m LIVID,” one person commented. “HE SHOULD BE GOING TO JAIL. This is absolutely unethical!”

“I’m speechless,” another added.

“This is terrible,” a third user wrote. “I’m so sorry they did this to you.”

Another TikToker who goes by Mama Meha shared that when she had a miscarriage at the hospital, her doctor allegedly flushed her baby down the toilet.

“[The doctor] came in and said, ‘Well what else were we supposed to do? It was already dead,'” Mama Meha claimed.

“That’s traumatic,” one person commented. “I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

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