Game-changing hack will keep your necklaces untangled and organized

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Ever reach for your favorite necklace only to find it’s a tangled mess? 

Throwing all your dainty jewelry in a container isn’t always the best way to keep it organized. All those chains are bound to get jumbled together eventually. Make sure your necklaces are stored tangle-free with this ingenious jewelry hack

Watch In The Know’s Lisa Azcona give the rundown on how to transform a straw into the perfect necklace holder. 

“Whether you are looking to store them in an organized fashion, moving or traveling, this will ensure that your necklaces are easily accessible to you,” Lisa says. 

All you’ll need for this hack are straws and your necklaces. 

“I am using silicone straws because they are more environmentally friendly than disposable ones,” she says. 

Lisa threads a necklace through a straw and clasps the ends together. This keeps the necklace detangled no matter where she stores it and ready to go when she needs it. Lisa does have a few caveats for this hack.

“One thing I noticed is that the length of the straw and its flexibility are super important in order for this hack to work,” she explains. “Not all necklaces will be able to fit through every kind of straw.” 

Metal and bamboo straws tend to be stiffer and have smaller openings, so she wouldn’t recommend using those. The silicone straws are the most effective because they’re bendable and have a large opening that can accommodate more necklace sizes. 

“I would say this hack works best for dainty necklaces,” Lisa says.

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