TikTokers are making their dogs sing in unusual fashion

Dog owners on TikTok are taking their furry friends and turning them into singing superstars. 

Clearly, the dogs aren’t singing themselves, but with the help of the Revive app, users are making it happen. 

The Revive app has a filter that allows users to animate any still photo. TikTokers are taking pictures of their dog, running it through the revive app and getting a video of their dog moving their eyes and lips as if they were singing the song. 

“What the dog doing?” asked @johnmulrooneyiii in the comments of this video. 

All this started in October 2022, when @peanut_2323 used the filter on her dog to make them sing “Wake Me Up” by the late Avicii. The video has nearly 9 million views and over 1.5 million likes.

After the original video, @peanut_2323 posted a few more videos of her dog to other popular songs.

These videos have TikTok users divided, with some ready for the trend to end and some ready to keep things rolling.

“NO MORE PLEASE I CANT TAKE IT,” said @rosie_lp under the video.

“He keeps getting better, you must be proud mama!” said @yupmarissa.

Once the app saw what was possible with their dogs, the trend took off. TikTok users have continued to make their dogs sing, with some of the videos looking extremely realistic.

“Is this real?,” asked @hexsdeath.

The chihuahua in this video is singing “Death Bed” by Powfu, which was a popular TikTok song in early 2020. Now it’s back because of an animated chihuahua. 

These creative canines aren’t just sticking to English songs either. This dog’s owner had it sing the Spanish song “Propuesta Indecente” by Romeo Santos. 

“Not the dog singing one of Romeo Santos song,” said @yrfav_caroline.

To say the least, the trend is different. Nevertheless, TikTok loves seeing dogs with human eyes and mouths singing like regular people. If you have a still picture of your dog, this may be your chance to go viral.

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