How to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank

Is your bathroom in desperate need of an upgrade?

Sometimes the smallest changes can make all the difference. Like when TikToker Rebekah Pumphrey demonstrated how you can put mouthwash in an olive oil bottle makes your bathroom 90 percent fancier.

“It’s not only super functional and pretty but really levels up your bathroom game,” In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav explained. “It just makes sense.”


Random stuff around my house that just make sense! Pt. 1

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Armed with a handful of affordable items, Phoebe decided to revamp her bathroom setup after being inspired by Pumphrey’s TikTok.

For her first upgrade, Phoebe took a wine glass and filled it up with some individually wrapped mints.

“We’re going to store some individually wrapped mints in here for a quick on-the-go-refresh,” she said in the video. “To me, this felt like super hotel vibes.”

For the toilet paper — yes, you can even make your toilet paper fancy — Phoebe came up with a fun hack.

“You take the first square of toilet paper and fold it to touch the opposite bottom corner of the square. You then do the same thing to the other side and then you have a triangle-looking edge,” she explained. “Then you’re going to turn your faucet on and off to get the spout damp and you’re going to press and hold the triangle tip to the spout.

“The finished product will kind of look like an old fashioned stamp. I did this to all six rolls of toilet paper so they all look sleek and ready to use.”

Your roommate is going to LOVE that.

Finally, for an environmentally-friendly and stylish last touch, Phoebe gathered refillable bottles and waterproof labels.

“I think the key to making any room, but especially a bathroom, look more sophisticated is to keep everything consistent,” she said. “These are going to replace the ordinary bottles that you keep in your shower, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash.”

Phoebe also chose a eucalyptus plant to go on top of her shower head. Keeping eucalyptus in the bathroom has a plethora of health benefits including calming inflammation and nasal congestion.

“I feel like the matching bottles on the sink and in the shower really level up the room and the hanging eucalyptus just adds 10 points in my book,” she said.

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