Upgrade your vegetables with these stuffed veggie recipes

Looking for ways to transform vegetables into a hearty dinner? Try stuffing them with meats, cheeses and other veggies! Stuffed vegetables are easy to prepare and make for great one-dish dinners. Whether they’re making stuffed bell peppers or stuffed artichokes, TikTok chefs have cooked up a wide array of delicious stuffed vegetable dishes. Here are five of the best stuffed vegetable recipes on TikTok.

1. Vegan stuffed cucumber with rice and hummus

This vegan stuffed cucumber recipe is healthy and easy to prepare. First, cut the center out of a cucumber and set it aside. Then fill the cucumber with a mixture of cooked rice and hummus. Next, add sliced bell pepper and avocado, and top with more rice. Finally, make a quick tzatziki sauce by mixing the center part of the cucumber, yogurt, lemon juice and dill. To serve, cut the cucumber into slices and dip in the tzatziki sauce. 

2. Stuffed bell pepper with ground pork belly and wild rice

This decadent stuffed bell pepper recipe is perfect for dinner parties. To make it, start by cooking carrots, onions and garlic in olive oil. Deglaze the veggies with white wine. Then add diced zucchini and tomatoes, and cook until the liquid reduces. Next, soak a piece of brioche in milk until it softens. Then mix it with ground pork belly and parsley. Add the cooked veggies, some cooked wild rice and eggs to the pork mixture. Fill bell peppers with the mixture and bake!

3. Vegan roasted butternut squash with vegetable stuffing


Roasted squash with a loaded vegetable stuffing! Perfect for Thanksgiving. 💕 #FamilyRecipe #thanksgiving #asmrfood #tiktokfood #foodtiktok #vegan

♬ Claire de Lune – Ave Maria

This vegan stuffed butternut squash makes the perfect autumnal dinner. To make it, cut a butternut squash in half and hollow out the interior. Then make a filling out of onions, garlic, carrots, breadcrumbs and butternut squash. Cook the veggie mixture, add it to the butternut squash, and bake until the squash softens. 

4. Stuffed artichoke with cheese and soppressata

This stuffed artichoke recipe might look fancy, but it’s so easy to make. Start by trimming an artichoke and hollowing out the interior. Then mix pecorino romano cheese, half and half, eggs and spices. Fill your hollowed out artichoke with chopped soppressata. Then add your cheese mixture, and top with breadcrumbs, olive oil, butter and more cheese. Place the artichoke in a baking pan. Then add a bit of water, cover with tin foil, and bake!

5. Stuffed zucchini with ground beef and cheese


Stuffed Zucchini Boats❕TikTok took this down for some reason 🤷🏼‍♂️ NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO OUT, LINK IN BIO❗️#healthymeal #fyp #foryou #nutrition #food

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Looking for an easy weeknight dinner? Try this stuffed zucchini recipe! Simply hollow out a zucchini. Then cook ground beef, tomatoes, garlic, onion and the zucchini filling in a pan. Season the ground beef mixture with spices, and fill the zucchini. Then top the zucchini with cheese and bake!

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