UPS delivery person stunned by gift left out by customers

A UPS delivery person was left jumping for joy over a basket of treats left out for him by one of his loyal customers.

TikTok user Sarah Kim shared a touching video of the employee’s reaction recorded outside her home on Oct. 17.

In the short clip, Kim shows the contents of a wicker basket on her stoop — including some water bottles, granola bars and candy — which is labeled with a note stating, “Thank you for delivering our packages. Please take any water or snacks — we hope you have a great rest of the day!”

While Kim noted that she was “a little worried no one would take anything,” later that day her home security camera captured a UPS delivery person who seemed thrilled by the surprise.


this person’s joy made my week AND they walked our packages up our newly sealed driveway. we didn’t deserve you!! 🥺💛 #wholesome #fyp #anditwentlike

♬ original sound – Sarah Kim

The sweet video sparked joy on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 2.3M times.

“That made my heart so warm … that’s such a good idea,” one user wrote.

“Little bit of kindness can make a BIG difference in anyone’s life,” said another.

“They probably forgot lunch or money,” noted a third. “That’s a huge blessing to a hard worker.”

Delivery people, both former and current, also took to the comments section to express how meaningful such gestures can be to them.

“Coming from an Amazon driver himself … These are the best when we see these. It makes our day 10x better,” wrote one man. “The job gets super stressful.”

“When I was a driver, we appreciated snacks SO MUCH,” said another. “I never had time for a lunch most days. It is so appreciated.”

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