Delivery worker calls out customer over allegedly ‘unreasonable’ order request

A UPS driver is going viral after sharing what he claims was his “most unreasonable” encounter with a customer.

The story comes from a TikTok user named @your_uncle_dave, who explained the alleged counter in response to a recent Stitch video trend.

That trend, started by user @steveioe, asked TikTokers to share an “unreasonable request” they’d received while trying to help someone at their job. As it turns out, @your_uncle_dave had just the story.

“Another day in the life of a UPS guy” he captioned his video.


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In the clip, @your_uncle_dave broke down a time he allegedly tried to pick up a package from a customer who wanted to return it. As it turns out, that package was … an entire couch.

“So I knock on [the customer’s] door and say, ‘Hi sir, you have a return item today?'” @your_uncle_dave said. “He points at the couch that he is currently using.”

In response, @your_uncle_dave tried explaining that he isn’t allowed to return items that aren’t in their box — let alone disassemble a fully built couch.

“I said, ‘I can’t take that. It’s not in a box ready to go,'” @your_uncle_dave said. “He becomes angry with me, and says that Amazon assured him that I would disassemble and repackage the couch for him.”

From there @your_uncle_dave tried to explain that Amazon didn’t have any policy about repacking orders.

“I responded, ‘Nope, we don’t do that and we’ve never done that,'” @your_uncle_dave added.

The customer continued to be angry, @your_uncle_dave said. According to the TikToker’s clip, the customer even demanded that @your_uncle_dave call the CEO of Amazon (who, by the way, happens to be the richest man in the world).

TikTok users found the story both hilarious and frustrating.

“Let me get Jeff Bezos on the phone,” one user joked.

“Good Lord, makes you wonder how some people get through life,” another commented.

Overall, the Stitch trend has sparked several viral videos. In addition to @your_uncle_dave’s delivery disaster, users have also shared their worst customer encounters while working in emergency rooms, fire departments and movie theaters.


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