Little boy who adores UPS driver surprises her with special Amazon package: ‘Cutest thing [I’ve] seen on social media in a long time’

A little boy’s heartwarming surprise for his beloved UPS driver, Ms. Theresa, is touching hearts all across TikTok.

TikToker @backyardbentley gained over 1.9 million views and nearly 4,000 comments when he uploaded the sweet video.

Now, this certainly isn’t the first time a UPS driver has gone viral — there have been many others in the recent past, like this driver who deserves a raise for hilariously interrupting a wife’s Amazon package prank on her husband.

However, Ms. Theresa and her No. 1 fan, Bentley, are taking TikTok by storm in a very special way.


Our UPS Driver is better than yours. This boy had never met a stranger. #bentleysworld @carmynwatson #ups #upsdriver #bestdriver

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In the video, captioned, “Our UPS driver is better than yours,” we see little Bentley dressed head to toe like his favorite driver, Ms. Theresa.

As Ms. Theresa walks over, a large Amazon package for the family — a bow and arrow toy for Bentley, as we later learn — her little doppelgänger walks over with an Amazon package of his own.

“He says, ‘I’ll trade ya!'” laughs Bentley’s mom behind the camera.

Ms. Theresa wraps the little boy in a big hug before opening up his special package.

“That’s a present that I made!” Bentley exclaims, watching her rip open the envelope.

Ms. Theresa’s face lights up as she pulls out a drawing of a UPS truck, complete with an opening door and a photo of her behind the wheel. A little photo of Bentley waves from the ground.

“I wrote that all by myself!” Bentley declares, pointing to his name at the top of the truck.

“You did such a good job!” Ms. Theresa cheers, petting the family’s dog (who’s clearly excited by the special surprise).

What a great beginning to a great friendship!’

Thousands of TikTokers were just as touched by the surprise as Ms. Theresa was.

“I work for UPS also… This is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!” one user wrote.

“A gift that keeps on giving. He is so sweet. What a great beginning to a great friendship!” another user commented.

“OMG this is the cutest thing I have seen on social media in a long time!!!” shared another user.

“I love the innocence in this! Way to go with raising [him], Mom!!!!” commented one user.

“This is the content I LIVE FOR! Love it!! Hugs!!” another user wrote.

“Everyone should have a Ms. Theresa!” commented another.

Bentley’s love for his neighborhood UPS driver is a great reminder to appreciate the workers who help make life (and shopping) so much easier!

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