TikToker shows how to use Slack app to procrastinate while working from home

TikTokers are sharing how they use mobile apps to get away with taking a load off during work. 

It all started when @alperavi said he only downloaded mobile work chatting apps so that he could look present while running errands. Other people responded with how they used apps like Slack and Teams to take advantage of working from home’s unintended benefits. 

“When you download Chat/Slack/Teams on your personal mobile phone, and your colleagues think that you are super committed to work, whereas in reality, you did it so that you can remain online on your way to Starbucks,” he wrote in the video text. 

Despite the admission, @alperavi did add one caveat. “For professional reasons, this is a joke,” in the caption

Some users pointed out that Slack may not be the best app on which to pull this little trick

“Slack will show a phone icon next to your name when you’re using your phone, BTW,” a user commented

“Slack shows you offline the minute you close the app, though! Learned this the hard way,” another wrote

However, most people were happy to confess they used the mobile work apps for the same reason. 

“Messaging the team chat ‘good morning’ from the Slack mobile app at 9:10 am in bed,” someone said

“Answering when I’m lying on my couch, and I don’t want to stand up and go to my desk,” a TikToker replied

“Me at the nail salon answering Teams messages on a random Tuesday,” a person responded

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