TikTokers are comparing themselves to used cars in a controversial new trend

In the “previous owners” trend, TikTokers list themselves as used cars. 

The viral meme has mostly women and girls sharing their dating history as stats like “mileage” and “condition.” It’s TikTok’s humorous take on a dating app profile. However, not everyone is loving the trend. Some feel that it objectifies women and isn’t very sex-positive. 

The “previous owners” trend 

In the trend “previous owners” represents someone’s number of exes, “miles” is the number of sexual encounters, “year” is the date of birth and “make and model” is the person’s heritage, nationality or personality type. Meanwhile, “stickers” refer to tattoos and “condition” to the person’s mental state. Most of the videos use the “Let’s Groove” disco sound. 

The user @sofe_doe had two previous owners, nine miles and her make and model was “fake blonde.” 

TikToker @abbey.eason asked for “series inquiries only.” Her model was “American,” previous owners were “three” and her condition was “may breakdown depending on the day.” 

Meanwhile, @kendallaalfordd felt her condition was “excellent.” She listed her previous owners as two and miles as three. 

Not everyone is happy about the “previous owners” trend

“There’s a TikTok trend going around with girls describing themselves with stats as if they were cars with one being their amount of exes described as ‘previous owners.’ I get it’s just a trend format but I’m sorry, our partners don’t own us and it shouldn’t even be implied,” the user @charliclement_ wrote in a tweet

“That trend on TikTok where you give yourself mileage and previous owners is very… weird,” @shak0maru said in a tweet

“‘Previous owners.’ Like? Respect yourself,”@bitchtoola tweeted in response

“There’s a trend on TikTok where girls post how many ‘previous owners’ and “miles” they have, and I just want better for our children,” @ChassitiNecole wrote on Twitter

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