Useful cooking hacks picked up from working in a restaurant

A former restaurant worker is sharing essential cooking hacks he’s picked up throughout his career, and they’re going to make your life so much easier.

Mike, (@stoveandgarden) is a seasoned chef who uses his TikTok platform to share little-known hacks he’s picked up throughout his career working in restaurants.

A recent video he posted contains a trio of very useful kitchen hacks that anyone can do at home

The first trick in his trinity is using a wet paper towel to prevent a plastic cutting board from sliding on your counter while in use. Mike simply places the damp paper towel beneath the cutting board and it’s smooth sailing from there.

The next hack is for all you chicken lovers out there. 

Mike shares that if you put raw chicken into a plastic freezer bag before pounding it, you can save yourself the extra step of cleaning the pounder after, since it won’t have made contact with the raw meat!

The third and final hack is super clutch when it comes to breading that chicken. 

Mike explains that if you cover your raw chicken in flour before dipping it into the egg wash, “the egg wash holds way better, and then your breadcrumb holds way better.” Can’t argue with that!

TikTok users jumped to the comments section to show some love for Mike’s simple tips.

“I was today years old when I realized [I’ve] been coating my chicken wrong,” wrote one late learner. 

“I learned those also from working in a restaurant. VERY useful,” commented a fellow restaurant worker in solidarity. 

Another put it quite simply saying, “I really needed to know this. Thanks!” 

It just goes to show that even if you think some tips or tricks might be obvious, there’s always someone out there who could use the advice. Spread the wealth!

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