TikTokers visit site of missing monolith and find something even more sinister

On Nov. 18, a mysterious metal monolith was discovered in the desert in southeastern Utah. This strange structure prompted countless theories about extraterrestrial life, outer space and other things beyond our comprehension.

However, before scientists had a chance to figure out where the structure came from or why it was there, it disappeared. On Nov. 28, the Bureau of Land Management in Utah reported that the “illegally installed structure” had been removed by an “unknown party” the night before.

There are some things we do know about the monolith, though. Before it was mysteriously removed, a man named David Surber located it deep in the desert and determined that it was made of aluminum, was not magnetic and was comprised of three pieces riveted together.

Once Surber shared the exact coordinates of the monolith, many people flocked to checked it out — including TikTok user @serg.boy. According to their video, they drove 15 hours to see the monolith, only to realize that it had already been moved.

There’s something curious about @serg.boy’s video, though. As user @proudviking pointed out, there appears to be some sort of creature lurking behind @serg.boy and his friends in the video they posted.

“What is that?” @proudviking asked, confused and slightly alarmed.

She wasn’t the only one who noticed what looks like a face in the crevice behind the teens.

“Not the alien in the back peeking,” one person joked.

“Imma pretend I didn’t see that,” another added.

“This is scary,” a third wrote.

“[Are] y’all still alive?” a fourth asked.

It’s unclear whether there is actually someone — or something — lurking in the dark depths of the mountains. Since it’s TikTok, it’s just as likely that @serg.boy manipulated the video or even had a friend dress up to look like something otherworldly. It’s 2020, though, so anything is possible.

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