Uyi Omorogbe uses his TikTok fame for the greater good

Uyi Omorogbe had always wanted to be an entertainer — the fact that he can include his parents in his jokes is just an unexpected perk.

Even if you aren’t a TikTok fanatic, you’ve probably come across one of Omorogbe’s viral videos where he “pisses off [his] African parents.”

“The main goal that I wanted to have was creating content that was relatable,” Omorogbe told In The Know. “Particularly [for] those who are first-generation Americans who have immigrant parents who don’t really understand pop culture.”

It was the seventh video in Omorogbe’s series that blew up and made him — and his parents — TikTok famous. In the video, Omorogbe eats food off his dad’s plate at the dinner table, which earns him a death stare that is so serious, you can’t help but laugh at it.

“It received over 40 million views in, like, two days,” Omorogbe said.

Unlike many TikTokers, who start businesses after finding fame on the social media platform, Omorogbe already had an established businessNASO, inspired by his Nigerian roots.

“African culture was really permeating into the Western world very, very quickly,” Omorogbe explained. “As a Nigerian, growing up it used to not be cool to be from Nigeria … I was like, what if I create a brand that was just as Western as it was African and just marry those two cultures in a very authentic way.”

To get inspiration for the clothing line, Omorogbe visited the Nigerian village where his father grew up. Instead, he became inspired to do something more. After seeing a nearby school, Omorogbe realized that his social following and his growing brand could do some good for the community.

“It’s really about empowering in every corner of the business,” he said. “Our generation, given access to all this information, we have that ability to really change the world. So, I want to mobilize and inspire as many young people as possible to uplift their voice and to make an impact on the world.”

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