TikToker reveals unexpected hack for vacuum-sealing Ziploc bags: ‘I’m running to try this’

This vacuum sealing hack is super easy and doesn’t require any special equipment. 

TikToker @sidneyraz is all about teaching people how to make their day-to-day lives easier with practical hacks. Recently, his vacuum sealing tutorial proved to be a viral hit. 

Vacuum sealing food can help prevent spoilage or freezer burn because any air pockets can cause oxidation. It’s also wonderful for speeding up sous vide cooking and marinating because an air-free environment allows the dressing to distribute evenly. 

“Here’s something I didn’t know until I was in my 30s. You can vacuum seal a Ziploc bag by dipping it in water,” he explained

He demonstrated by placing a bunch of berries in a Ziplock bag and then submerging it into a bowl of water. This technique works because the water pressure pushes all of the excess air out of the bag. 

The helpful video racked up 9.7 million views and over 1 million likes. 

“Seriously, these household, everyday life hacks is what we all need in life,” someone said

“Excuse me I have been using a STRAW,” a user wrote

“Yep been using this technique for sous vide since I don’t have a vacuum sealer,” a TikToker commented

“38 and been doing it the old mouth in bag and breath in and quickly seal technique. This is now my go-to hack,” another added

“When we realize that we’ve been adulting wrong this entire time,” a person joked

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