Man shocks girlfriend with ‘horrible’ Valentine’s Day decision: ‘You’re a bad person’

A Reddit poster is being called out over his relationship with his “work wife.”

The man consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice after he bought his “work wife” flowers for Valentine’s Day. His girlfriend discovered the gift and became upset. He felt she was being irrational, but Reddit users thought he was being a jerk. 

“We all have best friends at work, and mine happens to be a woman. No big deal right? Well to my girlfriend it is,” he wrote. “She and I were talking about Valentine’s Day and she mentioned how in high school she never got sent a carnation. This surprised me cause she’s a ten. I told her how I only ever got white ones sent (symbolizing friendship) which was embarrassing and we both bonded over the disappointments and joked that being work spouses maybe we could get each other flowers this year.”

The Reddit poster ordered the flowers but he forgot to hide them from his girlfriend. 

“I forgot to change the delivery date to a week later on a day my girlfriend wasn’t home and they got delivered today,” the Reddit poster said. “(Picking a day my girlfriend wasn’t home IS NOT an admission of guilt. I Just knew she would overreact cause she’s emotional and almost unbearably insecure at times). So yeah they came to my house and my girlfriend answered the door and was so happy until she read the tag and saw that it wasn’t her name. I told her why I’d gotten them for my work friend and she started crying. […] She said it’s ’emotional cheating’ which I disagree with and all these other buzzwords chicks throw out on Twitter and I can’t help but think she’s blowing it way out of proportion.” 

Reddit users did not like how the poster talked about his girlfriend. 

“You’re a bad person,” one person said

“Is this a joke? Are people really this horrible to their partners?” another wrote. 

“I hope she leaves you,” someone commented

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