Try this cheap perfume hack to make your favorite perfume last way longer

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Spritzing on perfume can make you feel ultra-feminine and luxurious. But it can also make you rage when it fades after two seconds.

Rejoice: It doesn’t have to be that way.

On the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, video producer Lisa Azcona tests whether applying her perfume over Vaseline will make the scent last longer. Though it sounds like an odd beauty hack, it actually makes a bit of sense. The theory behind the hack is that Vaseline helps lock in the moisture of the perfume, keeping it on the surface of your skin longer and prolonging the scent.

It sounds pretty legit — but is it?

To test the hack, Lisa applies Vaseline to the areas you’d normally spray perfume — her wrists, inner elbows, neck, behind her ears and behind her knees. Lisa says these areas produce high amounts of heat, which stimulates the scent of perfume. Lisa then sprays her perfume over the areas she just slicked with Vaseline. 

Vaseline, Pack Of 3, $8.79

Credit: Vaseline

The perfume Lisa chooses, the iconic Miss Dior eau de parfum, is an especially light day scent featuring notes of rose and bergamot. It’s said to last only three hours. 

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, $80

Credit: Sephora

To test the hack, Lisa checks in at the two and four hour mark to see how the perfume is holding up. After two hours, the results are pretty stellar.

“It honestly smells like I just sprayed it on,” Lisa says.

After four hours, Lisa says the scent has definitely faded a bit — but it is still noticeable. For a scent that already eclipsed its expected life span, that’s pretty impressive.

“If anyone were to hug you four hours after you applied your perfume, they would still smell it,” Lisa says. “You would still smell good, which is what is important.” 

Lisa adds, “This hack definitely extends the wear of your perfume, but it’s not going to smell like it did when you first applied it all day. Keep that in mind.”

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