Vegan woman stirs controversy with ‘ridiculous’ workplace demand: ‘[She] sounds very entitled’

A woman didn’t accommodate her vegan coworker and now people at work think she was mean. 

She explained what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she was justified. Her coworker Carla was never the kind of vegan that tried to convert meat-eaters, but one day Carla made a request that seemed unfair. She asked the Reddit poster to eat her hamburger outside during her lunch break because she didn’t like the smell. It was cold and snowing so she ate it in the only breakroom, but the move didn’t go over well with her coworkers. 

“I was craving a hamburger for a while (few days). There’s a fast-food burger place close to work so on my lunch break I went and picked up a burger,” she wrote. “Then I seen Carla, she’s a vegan and even though she tells everyone she’s a vegan she’s never really been pushy. We exchanged pleasantries she noticed the bag in my hand and said something to the effect of yeah can you not eat that in here, the smell makes me nauseous and I can smell it already. I said well this is the only breakroom and I’m hungry so… she suggested I eat it outside. I just started eating and ignoring her so she left.”

Then Carla told someone at work about the incident. 

“Well evidently she went and complained to some people because someone in my department brought it up later, she said I was mean to do that and I should compromise,” the poster explained

Reddit users weren’t on Carla’s side for this one. 

“Your coworker sounds very entitled and should have just left the room,” a user said

“It is ridiculous to ask you to eat outside in the cold,” another said

“She doesn’t get to call dibs on the break room,” someone wrote

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