How to order vegan at your favorite fast-food chains

Staying on your vegan diet is easy enough when you are cooking your own meals, but when it comes to eating out, especially at fast food joints, well that’s another story. While many restaurants are offering more and more plant-based food options, it can be tough to find vegan-friendly items at your favorite fast-food spots. But it’s not impossible! Here are 7 vegan-friendly items you can order at fast food and chain restaurants. 

Plant-based patty

Tons of chains offer up a variety of meatless burgers. Burger King, Carl’s Jr., and White Castle all have vegan plant-based patties made with Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat products. Red Robin offers both an Impossible option as well as a veggie patty made with ancient grain and quinoa. 

French fries

While not all fast food fries are vegan-friendly because they contain beef flavoring and milk, there are still plenty of chains whose fries meet vegan qualifications. According to PETA, just about every fast food restaurant—except McDonald’s—offers vegan-friendly french fries.

Vegan ice cream

Baskin’ Robbins boasts 3 dairy-free vegan-friendly flavors as well as two flavors of vegan sorbet, making it easy for plant-based eaters to cool down on a hot day. 

Meatless sausage

Vegans don’t have to stand on the sidelines when it comes to a classic breakfast sausage. Dunkin’ offers a plant-based breakfast sausage sandwich option using Beyond Meat. 

Opt for black beans

At places like Taco Bell and Chipotle, swap out meat for black beans in items like bowls and wraps. Plus, these restaurants offer a selection of vegan toppings like mixed veggies, salsas, lettuce, and guacamole. Make sure you are also omitting any dairy products like sour cream and cheese. 

Ask for tofu

Chipotle offers a vegan-friendly filling of organic tofu braised with peppers and spices that can be ordered in a bowl, burrito, taco, or salad. Meanwhile, P.F. Chang’s has lots of tofu dishes including lettuce wraps and crispy tofu.

Order sides

When in doubt, order from the sides menu. Places like KFC have vegan-friendly sides like baked beans, corn on the cob (ask for no butter), green beans, and salad. McDonald’s has a few vegan options including the side salad and apple pie. While Denny’s vegan offerings include oatmeal, English muffins, bagels, and grits among others. Starbucks also offers oatmeal, fruit salad, and even a sprouted grain vegan bagel.

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