Vegan houseguest ignites argument with ‘rude’ dinner party request: ‘Bring your own food’

A Reddit poster tore his group of friends apart when he refused a vegan’s request at his dinner party. 

The man consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. In 2019, he hosted a dinner party for a group of friends. He shared the menu ahead of time, but the night before the gathering, his friend (nicknamed “M29”) demanded he accommodate the friend’s vegan girlfriend. The party host refused and a year later, his friends are still feuding over the matter. 

“One of my friends, M29, asks me if he could bring his new girlfriend to dinner,” the user wrote. “I always have plenty of leftovers, so I said sure. The night before, he asks me if I could change the menu since his girlfriend is vegan. I laughed and explained that I had already bought all the ingredients, started prepping, and I wasn’t going to change the entire menu for someone I didn’t know. This wasn’t good enough for M29. I told him he was welcome to bring his new girlfriend and she could bring her own food, but I wasn’t going to change anything in my menu and there would literally be only two sides she could eat.”

On the day of the party, the user kept his word. He served his original menu and M29 and his girlfriend complained the whole time. But eventually, the host agreed to prepare her a vegan option. 

“I took her plate back, went to the kitchen and made a big spectacle chopping a head of lettuce with a meat cleaver,” the user explained. “I brought her a quarter of a head of lettuce on a paper plate and told her that if she doesn’t want it, she and her boyfriend can GTFO. […] Half of my friends haven’t spoken to me since this started, and the other half want me to apologize so they don’t have to choose sides.” 

Reddit users sided with the meat-eater on this one. 

“You gave everyone a chance to make reasonable changes. Asking for someone to be added after that point […] is just rude,” one user commented

“Bring your own food. The end,” someone said.  

“She had no right to insult you,” another wrote.

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