Vegan mom faces backlash over ‘ridiculous’ babysitting demands: ‘This lady is insane’

A mom is facing backlash after sharing her list of demands for a new babysitter.

The woman, who remains unidentified, shared her ad for a vegan-only caregiver on Facebook. It was later posted on Reddit’s Choosing Beggars page, a forum dedicated to overly “picky” requests.

The mom’s ad offered just $100 per week, but asked for an applicant willing to work from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

She also asked that the babysitter provide their own food, but noted that they could only cook “vegan organic” dishes. That demand, plus the mom’s low price, sent Reddit users into a frenzy.

‘This lady is insane’

The Facebook ad went on to explain that the babysitter should be willing to “work weekends with no notice.” The mom didn’t specify if the sitter would be paid extra for those visits.

In addition to some other rules, the woman explained that the wages would increase after six months — to $150 per week. She promised that her two-year-old and six-year-old daughters were “well behaved and polite.”

Many Reddit users called the request “ridiculous” especially the price. Some pointed out that the salary, which was actually offered in Canadian dollars, would amount to around $75 per week. That means the sitter would barely earn $1 per hour.

“Lol I love these types of people. Babysitters cost at a min of $16 an hour which for 12 hours is $192 per day,” one user argued.

“I used to babysit when I did my undergrad in Toronto. I got 15$/hr per child and that was the going rate. This lady is insane,” another wrote.

‘It’s legit just rabbit food’

Other users were more focused on the vegan-only demand, questioning how someone could be expected to eat a fully organic diet on such a low salary.

“Vegan organic” for that money is legit just rabbit food. Here’s a bowl of iceberg lettuce and maybe a handful of carrot bits and tomato slices. Every single meal, every single day,” one user wrote.

Some questioned whether or not the mom meant for the sitter to provide their own food, or if they also had to buy meals for the kids. If so, the cost of cooking would be even higher.

“Plus 6:30 am – 6pm is at least 2 meals maybe 3 for 2 kids. vegan food isnt cheep so your pretty much paying to be around these kids,” one user wrote.

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