5 “meaty” vegan recipes that use jackfruit

Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that has become increasingly popular as a meat substitute in vegan recipes. Its texture makes it a dead ringer for meat and lends itself to a variety of recipes from vegan-friendly pulled pork to plant-based crab cakes. Just name a slice of meat and jackfruit can imitate it. Here are 5 inspired jackfruit recipes to get started with nature’s very own plant-based meat alternative.

Vegan jackfruit pulled pork BBQ sandwich

Jackfruit makes the perfect imitation pulled pork because it easily rips into bite-sized shreds. This recipe shows you how to season your jackfruit shreds to make them taste just like pulled pork. Throw some fries on the side and you’ve got yourself a backyard barbecue favorite. 

Vegan jackfruit crab cakes


Jackfruit is a great meat alternative, without all the processed ingredients. #vegan #jackfruit #SometimesIRun

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This recipe couldn’t be easier. Just chop up some jackfruit, add spices and mayo (vegan if that’s your preference), and mix it up. Form the mixture into small cakes and fry them up with some oil. A plant-based take on a fancy hors d’oeuvre classic! 

Vegan jackfruit bao bun

Credit: Veggie Desserts

Bao buns are typically served with pork, but diners will be none the wiser when it comes to this veganized version. This recipe really showcases how much of a flavor sponge jackfruit is. It uses a sauce made from ketchup, vinegar, and spices to give the jackfruit that tangy taste. Once cooked, put it in a fluffy bao bun with some cucumber and pickled cabbage and you’ve got yourself a treat!

Vegan jackfruit chicken salad

This one’s a crowd pleaser and a vegan-friendly option at any gathering. Just chop up your jackfruit to resemble pieces of cooked chicken and season with vegetable bouillon and other spices. Of course no “chicken” salad is complete without mustard and mayo—which can easily be veganized as well. Lastly add chopped onions and other veggies of your choice like frozen peas and carrots, or potatoes. 

Vegan jackfruit gyros

Credit: The Lazy Kitchen

These jackfruit gyros are a delicious plant-based spin on a street food favorite that’ll taste just like they were sliced off a vertical rotisserie. The jackfruit will soak up the various spices, soy sauce, tomato paste, and apple cider vinegar to take on the savory flavor of this classic Greek dish. You could even make some vegan tzatziki to go along with it!

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