5 vegan TikTok foodies you need to follow

TikTok has a vast video vault of vegan-friendly recipes. In fact, TikTok probably has a vegan recipe for just about anything you can think of. But with so much information, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re ready to add more vegan recipes to your rolodex but feel intimidated by how much TikTok has to offer, look no further than our top five must-follow vegan accounts on TikTok. 

  1. Rawmanda

Amanda Le’s TikTok page (@rawmanda) is a great place to start for beginner vegans. She makes tons of vegan staples like tempeh and buffalo cauliflower wings that help ease the transition into veganism. She also has an e-book filled with raw vegan dessert recipes for herbivores with a sweet tooth.

2. The Korean Vegan

Lawyer by day and viral vegan chef by night, Joanne L. Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan) makes vegan-friendly Korean dishes. Her videos are always accompanied by soothing personal narratives, and her recipes prove that just because you go vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on traditional cultural dishes.  

3. Turnip Vegan

Todd Anderson (@turnipvegan) is a reformed meat-lover. After watching the documentary Food Choices, he made the decision to go plant-based without any idea of how much it would affect the rest of his life. He eventually left his job to work in the food industry and helped create Spoiled Vegans Cafe in San Diego, California. From stacked veggie burgers to imitation fried chicken, he proves veganism is way more than just tofu and nut milk. 

4. OneGreatVegan

Gabrielle Reyes’ TikTok account (@onegreatvegan) is an absolute delight. She’s a triple threat as an actress, singer and chef, and her videos combine her many talents. Her vegan recipes are accompanied by original songs inspired by the dish she’s making. So even if you’re just coming for the food, you’ll definitely stay for the tunes. 

5. Tabitha Brown

It’s not a list of vegan TikTok accounts without Tabitha Brown. She kinda put Vegan TikTok on the map. She’s uber-charismatic, and her videos of vegan-friendly recipes are super soothing. Plus with a bio like “The world’s Favorite Mom,” how could you not follow?

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