Vegan woman stirs controversy with ‘selfish’ birthday dinner: ‘Don’t understand it’

A woman offended her aunt when she ordered takeout from a vegan restaurant. 

She shared the incident on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The woman and her husband are vegan. When her aunt and her aunt’s husband came to visit, she chose a vegan Thai restaurant to order from. But after the dinner, she was mortified to discover that her aunt’s husband had been furious the whole time because there was no meat on the menu.

“My aunt and her new husband came out last month and since it was my birthday asked me to pick out a place where we could get food to celebrate,” the user explained. ” I chose a Thai restaurant in my neighborhood that is 100 percent vegan. I have a SEVERE shellfish allergy so not having to worry about cross-contamination is a huge plus. I sent them the restaurant’s website and all they said was, ‘Thanks, see you soon!'”

The Reddit user did clarify that the name of the restaurant doesn’t make it obvious it’s vegan. 

“Eventually everyone but my aunt’s husband found a dish that sounded good to them and we also got a few appetizers and they paid,” the user wrote. “I just assumed aunt and husband were just planning on sharing a meal since the portion sizes are pretty big. He did end up eating some of her meal and also ate the appetizers. He seemed pretty distant the whole meal and didn’t really talk much but I just thought it was maybe because he didn’t know me very well. […] I didn’t really think much of it until I got a text from my aunt saying that she was disappointed in my selfish choice of ‘choosing a restaurant with nothing for [aunt’s husband]’ and telling me that I needed to apologize to him for pushing my beliefs on him. I told her I had nothing to apologize for and now she and husband have blocked me on social media.”

Reddit users sided with the vegan woman on the issue.

“I’m a meat eater and still don’t understand it. Not eating meat in particular for ONE MEAL isn’t going to hurt me,” one person commented.

“Some people are just so small-minded,” someone else said

“It was your birthday and they asked you to choose a place,” a third user wrote.

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