Vegan woman enrages friend with ‘crazy’ housesitting plans: ‘She threw out [all] the meat’

A man is upset his friend threw away his belongings while he was gone but now wonders if he overreacted. 

He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. He asked a longtime friend to dog-sit while he was on a business trip. But when he was away, the friend, who is vegan, threw away all his meat and his meat-containing dog foods. Now he is refusing to pay her for dog-sitting. 

“I had supplied her with plenty of dog food and gave her some very specific instructions,” the Reddit poster explained. “When I got back, my friend was still in my house, pouring food into my dog’s bowl. I noticed that the kind she was using was different from the kind I had given her. I asked her if that kind had run out and why she hadn’t told me about it. She then told me that she had thrown away the dog food I had given her and instead used vegan dog food. Of course, I was very angry with her, but it didn’t end there. Apparently, she had thrown out all the meat in my fridge, including my expensive lobster that I was saving for later. I immediately saw red and told her to get out of my house.”

But he felt guilty after kicking her out of his home

“While she was leaving, she brought up the topic of her pay for dog-sitting,” he wrote. “I then told her that since she had thrown out my personal property, without even attempting to compensate for it, I wouldn’t be paying her. She started throwing a fit and refused to leave my house unless I gave her the money. I eventually had to threaten to call the police to get her to leave. I think I’m in the right, but my family and friends keep blowing up my phone telling me what a jerk I am.” 

“Crazy vegans like this give us a bad name,” one user said

“She threw out the meat and now nobody can benefit from it. The animals truly died for nothing,” another commented

“I wouldn’t pay a cent,” someone wrote

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