Vegan woman faces backlash after criticizing friend’s dietary choices: ‘She’s the reason people hate vegans’

A woman is fighting with a vegan acquaintance on social media

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. During the lockdown, she became vegan due to digestive issues. After making a few amazing vegan meals, she started to post photos and build a following on Instagram. That’s when an old high school acquaintance named Natasha reached out. Things were fine until Natasha discovered the Reddit poster was only vegan for digestive issues not because they opposed eating animals. 

“With quarantine and work from home, I’ve been able to make amazing vegan foods and have been posting weekly pics of my vegan food on Insta story,” she explained. “I’ve gained a few following with people mostly messaging me to ask about recipes and ingredients and such. One of those people is Natasha. She [was] reaching out to me a lot more recently to the point where we were becoming friends. She recently transitioned into being a vegan and she’s very vocal about it.” 

But Natasha wasn’t exactly the most understanding vegan in the world. 

“She texted me to ask how I deal with non-vegan friends and relatives,” the Reddit poster wrote. “I told her I don’t deal with them since their choice to eat what they want is not really my business. I also told her that I didn’t become a vegan because of an ideology but because of my digestive issues. I told her that I miss meat sometimes and I just can’t handle it because of my stomach. She got mad and called me fake. She’s now making posts on IG about how I’m an animal killer and that my food posts are just to collect internet points.” 

Reddit users did not like Natasha’s point-of-view.

“She’s the reason people hate vegans,” someone wrote

“I find that most people will respect how you eat if you aren’t bashing how they eat,” another advised

“People who are out there with scales judging if someone else is ‘vegan enough’ aren’t doing vegans any favors,” a user commented

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