Bride-to-be stirs controversy with ‘Vegas-themed’ bachelorette party: ‘She can’t have everything she wants’

A bride-to-be didn’t invite her niece to her bachelorette party and now it’s causing a familial rift.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she screwed up. She’s getting married in the fall and wanted to go to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party. However, the pandemic foiled her plans. Instead of traveling, she’s having a Vegas-themed party with her two older sisters K and N. But the trouble was N’s daughter was desperate to attend. 

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“Before I got engaged, I knew I wanted a Vegas bachelorette party,” the bride said. “For obvious reasons, we can’t travel there. But K and my maid of honor got the great idea of turning K’s house into mini Vegas. Her house already has a bar, so we could use that. They said we’ll all dress how we would for a night in Vegas and we’ll have Vegas-themed movies on in the background. It sounds like a lot of fun. K also assumed I’d want it to be a kid-free event.” 

However, N insisted that her 13-year-old daughter goes to the party.

“N was fine with her younger two not coming but apparently my eldest niece has been looking forward to this bachelorette party,” the bride wrote. “When I asked her to be in the wedding, she looked up the experience and saw there was a ‘fun party’ in her words. N says we should make the event teen-friendly. I offered to do something with her the night before but N says my niece wants to come. K backed me up and told N to tell my niece that some things are just for adults. N was frustrated but finally agreed. My niece is now pretty cold towards me and despite me explaining, called me mean.” 

Reddit users sided with the bride on the matter.

“N needs to do some parenting here and teach her daughter that she can’t have everything she wants,” a user wrote

“N has failed as the parent if she ever encouraged the idea of her going to a bachelorette party,” another said

“Your sister should have stopped her daughter before the issue ever made it to you,” someone commented

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