Man faces backlash over ‘disgusting’ behavior toward vegetarian friend: ‘Rude and inconsiderate’

A vegan is fed up with his friend for forcing their views on him, so he banned the friend from bringing meat to his house. 

Now he is second-guessing the ban and consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. Before the pandemic, his friend Jake rubbed meat on his vegan food twice. The Reddit poster refused to eat it. A year later, now that the friends are vaccinated and can hang out again, he doesn’t want Jake bringing meat to his house. 

“Jake is a meat-eater, which has never bothered me,” the Reddit poster wrote. “He has been over to my house several times and he would always bring and cook his own food and I would make a separate dish for myself. This all changed one time. We went to IHOP together and I got pancakes and hash browns, he got a couple things including bacon. Halfway through my meal, he grabbed my hash browns and rubbed his bacon on them, saying that I would love the flavor if I just tried it. This made me extremely upset as I refused to eat it and had to pay full price for half my food.”

Then there was another incident where Jake brought beef over to have with pasta the Reddit poster made. Jake put his beef on the vegan spaghetti and it didn’t go over well. 

“Now, he just got his vaccine and I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks so he asked if he could come over for dinner and a movie to catch up,” the Reddit poster said. “I told him he could, but I wouldn’t allow him to bring any meat like he usually does so I can eat a full meal around him. He gets angry and says I’m trying to force him to be a vegetarian and he wouldn’t do it again, he just wanted to see if I’d try the meat. I don’t think I’m in the wrong but I also don’t want to force my views on him and he promised not to do it again.”

Reddit posters thought Jake was being rude.

“I’d be seriously disgusted with his bacon-hash brown maneuver,” one user commented.

“Pretty sure it’s food tampering,” another wrote.

“He is being extremely rude and inconsiderate,” someone said.

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