Vegetarian woman caught off guard by boyfriend’s ‘ridiculous’ dinnertime comment: ‘It’s not that important’

A woman who’s a “flexitarian” is upset at her boyfriend’s comment about her eating habits.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. The woman and her family eat mostly vegetarian but will occasionally indulge in meat dishes. Normally, it didn’t seem to be an issue for her meat-eating boyfriend, until one day it was. 

“We went vegetarian (or semi-vegetarian) because of dietary and environmental reasons,” she explained. “Besides that, we also strongly believe that people are free to eat what they want and they won’t get a lecture from us, especially since we also occasionally eat meat. My boyfriend absolutely loves eating meat. He doesn’t understand how we all feed on what for him are just side dishes… Our differences actually lead to some funny discussions over time, but it’s usually all lighthearted and fun.” 

Then one night the woman’s boyfriend insulted her. 

“That is, until last night when he called me a turncoat for wanting to put meat on a dish I was preparing for the both of us,” the user explained. “It hurt me a little since I was just trying to please him and that’s apparently what he thinks of me… It’s not even about just this situation in particular — what if he thinks I will be like that with everything? I didn’t think much of it, it’s just a dish and I wanted to make it so he would like it. But that was obviously a turn off for him, maybe he doesn’t think I’m that convicted in my thoughts and opinions. But I know I am.”

Reddit had a few suggestions for the girlfriend. 

“Tell him not to be ridiculous?” one user said

“Just eat whatever you want without labeling yourself, it’s not that important,” another wrote

“You are overthinking this,” someone commented

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