Vending machines serve hot and fresh pizzas 24 hours a day

A vending machine in Hiroshima, Japan serves up fresh pizza pies. 

Money goes in. Pizza comes out. It’s that simple. The vending machine, named Pizza Self 24, first became a tourist attraction in 2018. Long lines reportedly flooded the technological novelty. 

Truck driver Yoshiharu Taniguchi came up with the idea because he wanted pizza even when he worked long nights. A 24-hour pizza ATM seemed like the perfect solution. 

Taniguchi partnered with Italian manufacturer Cierreci to bring the ATM to Japan. Now, you can get a four-cheese or Margherita pizza with handmade dough imported from Venice at any time. 

“Japan still has many opportunities,” Taniguchi told Japan Times. “My goal is to spread pizza vending machines throughout Japan from Hiroshima.”

All a customer has to do is insert money and in less than five minutes a pizza pie is ejected from the machine — complete with a disposable pizza cutter. 

“The ability of this machine is all in the powerful internal oven that heats the product through two hotplates placed above and below it, cooking it with care and efficiency,” Cierreci stated

Hiroshima isn’t the only place you can find a Pizza Self 24 vending machine, they’re located all over Italy and Europe. You can usually spot one at a movie theater, shopping center or airport

So the next time you’re in a pinch, maybe an ATM pizza will do.

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