Starbucks barista sparks frenzy with video of her in-store workplace mishap

A Starbucks barista is going viral after revealing that she accidentally ordered 110 lb of the chain’s Verona coffee beans.

28-year-old TikToker Danielle Sanchez (@thehighbarista) shared the wild workplace mishap on Feb. 26. Her video, which quickly went viral, inspired a stream of confessions from baristas around the country.

In Sanchez’s video, she films a stack of several Verona bean boxes, each of which weighs 5 lb. Apparently, she meant to order two for her store — but accidentally requested 22.


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It’s just the latest viral TikTok to show an unfortunate mishap inside a Starbucks store. Last year, a barista shared a clip of a broken receipt printer, which continuously printed the word “butter.” Another video showed baristas struggling to complete a custom order that was seemingly “too big” for one blender.

The relatability of these in-store struggles is likely why so many baristas felt compelled to share their own embarrassing stories in Sanchez’s comments section.

“WE GOT 52 THOUSAND STRAWS LAST WEEK,” one alleged employee confessed.

“Currently have 127 gallons of nonfat milk,” another wrote.

“My coworker accidentally ordered $7,000 of egg bites and paninis, so it’ll be ok,” another added.

Overall, TikTokers encouraged Sanchez to keep a positive outlook on the whole thing. Most commenters either joked about the mistake or told her the many, many ways they’d seen worse errors at their own stores.

“This is why our store keeps running out,” one user joked.

“Good thing I love Verona,” another added. “Send it on over.”

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